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Portfolio Page

Get a dedicated portfolio page showcasing all of your startups. Share it on your social profiles and bios.

Startup Pages

Get a dedicated page for each startup. Share links to create momentum, and amaze your audience.


Celebrate your incredible moments with your audience and build a strong community.

Browser-Side Tracking

Track standard and customized browser-side events with a simple JS integration.

Server-Side Tracking

Utilize our cURL-based API to log any event, such as sign-ups, subscriptions, downloads, etc.

External Accounts Tracking

Codeless setup to fetch stats from social media accounts & payment processors.

Logging & Display

Control what to log and showcase. Display only meaningful data to your audience.

Share AI Reports

Aplify your engagement with AI-powered posts displaying eye-catching presentation to generate traction.

Export, Embed & APIs

Export the stats and achievements, embed them into your website, or retrieve them through seamless APIs.

Elevate Your Startups Outreach!

Use Cases

Investor Presentations

Showcase your startup portfolio, stats, achievements, and reports to capture the interest of potential investors and secure funding.

Client Pitches

Craft compelling presentations that highlight your startups accomplishments, case studies, and data to win over new clients.

Networking Events

Make a lasting impression at networking events by sharing your startups journey, successes, and offerings with potential partners and customers.

Recruitment Tool

Attract top talent by showcasing your startups growth trajectory and company culture.

Accelerators & Incubators

Create persuasive profiles to increase your chances of being accepted into accelerator and incubator programs.

Partnership Proposals

Develop tailored presentations to communicate the benefits of potential partnerships, showcasing your startups strengths and value.

Media Outreach

Maximize the media outreach by showcasing the shining stats and achievements of your startups.

Exit Strategy & Marketing

Market your startup effectively for potential acquisitions by presenting a comprehensive overview of your journey and market influence.

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Questions About ScoredUp?
We have Answers!

A startups portfolio is a curated collection of startups, their achievements, and key performance metrics. It provides a comprehensive overview of the startups journey, highlighting their growth, innovation, and impact. For indie hackers, a portfolio demonstrates their capabilities, helping to attract investors and clients. Enterprises benefit by showcasing their diverse offerings, credibility, and track record, which can lead to partnerships and client acquisitions. Overall, a startup portfolio establishes credibility, fosters trust, and aids in forging valuable connections within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

ScoredUp is beneficial for all types of entrepreneurs & enterprises workign around applications & technology developement It serves as a platform to showcase their work, projects, skills, and accomplishments in a visually appealing and organized manner. This allows them to attract potential clients, employers, collaborators, and enthusiasts who are interested in their expertise and offerings. Whether you're a creative individual looking to display your work or a professional seeking to present your achievements, ScoredUp provides a valuable tool to establish a strong online presence and make a lasting impression.

You should initiate the process of adding your project to ScoredUp right from the start of your development journey. By doing so, ScoredUp can begin collecting essential statistics and data right from the outset of your project. This early data gathering is crucial as it provides a comprehensive view of your startups growth trajectory, helping you make informed decisions and effectively showcase your progress to potential stakeholders.

ScoredUp allows for a diverse range of stats to be logged, utilizing various features. Through Browser-Side Tracking, users can effortlessly monitor standard and customized browser-side stats by integrating a straightforward JavaScript code. Server-Side Tracking, on the other hand, empowers users to log tailored events such as sign-ups, subscriptions, and downloads by leveraging our APIs. Additionally, External Accounts Tracking offers a hassle-free setup to retrieve stats from social media accounts and payment processors, enabling a comprehensive view of your startups performance and engagement.

Absolutely, you have full control over the visibility of stats for the public on ScoredUp. Our platform offers customizable privacy settings that allow you to choose which statistics and information you want to make publicly accessible and which you prefer to keep private. This gives you the flexibility to present a curated view of your startups achievements while keeping sensitive or proprietary data confidential. With ScoredUp, you're in charge of how much information you share with your audience, ensuring that your startups narrative is both compelling and secure.

The server-side integration in ScoredUp is highly versatile and compatible with nearly every programming language. This adaptability is made possible through our cURL-based API. Notably, we offer example codes for languages such as Go, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Swift.

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